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About Be-Delphi

Started in 2011 as an idea to create a forum for the Delphi developer in the Benelux. Almost immediately there was a big respons from Delphi developers from all over Europe, so Be-Delphi was born.

In fact, Be-Delphi is a kind of joint venture of 2 Delphi addicts in Belgium. You all know them: Filip Lagrou from C-Quel Software and Bruno Fierens from TMS Software.

Our Services

Community Events

On a regular basis events are organized for the Delphi developer.


Need help with your Delphi projects? We provide Delphi consultancy throughout the Benelux.


Our specialists train your Delphi developers to increase their level of expertise.

Tools & Components

We are reseller of (almost) all Delphi tools and components.

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