Be-Delphi Event 3.1
June 10th 2014 

    Fast-Reports Day



22 Jan 2013 Belgian Nuclear Waste Management & Delphi

Nuclear waste management is very complex. If you've never seen the procedures, you probably can't imagine the complexity. It's not just storing nuclear waste, it's also monitoring radiation, updating statistics, managing the nuclear waste warehouse, etc.
All calculations according the decay of nuclear radiation need to be very accurate. There is really no room for errors. The keywords for nuclear waste management are safety, accuracy and secrecy. Therefore they needed a solid base to develop the applications they need(ed). Because there isn't a single software house that develops such a specific software, the company that handles the nuclear waste had to develop every single topic themselves. While looking for the most solid development environment, they came across Delphi many years ago. That's when they made their choice...
Delphi was chosen more than 10 years ago. Delphi never let them down, not even on the smallest issue. All of the in house developed applications are written in Delphi, going from the simplest phone list to the handling of the most complex and top secret data. Delphi completely fullfils their requirements. 
I was really impressed by the complexity of the organization when they asked Be-Delphi to support their development team. Companies like that really expose the power of Delphi. All of the applications look rather 'normal' but in fact they are a bunch of complex rules and objects. The applications almost seem... radioactive ;-)

21 Jan 2013 Be-Delphi and TMS Software joining forces!!!

Be-Delphi & TMS Software are joining forces.
Be-Delphi is organizing a TMS day. That day will be completely dedicated to TMS components and tools. Not only Bruno Fierens (founder of TMS Software and Embarcadero Delphi MVP) will be talking during this event, but also some of the TMS specialists like Wagner Landgraf (product manager TMS Aurelius, TMS Scripter, TMS Diagram, TMS Workflow) , Pieter Scheldeman (Tech lead FireMonkey products) and Adrian Gallero (Product Manager TMS Flexcel).
As Be-Delphi is always trying to be unique, this day won't be a "regular" in-depth training, but will be a 100% interactive. Participants will have the opportunity to post their questions, remarks, problems in advance so they will get the answer they really need during that day, plus some extra tips and trics.
Also the price will be unique... Be-Delphi is value for money!
Registrations will be open this week, so stay tuned!

20 Sep 2012 Welcome to the renewed Be-Delphi website

It took a while, but here it is... Our renewed Be-Delphi website.
We're not there yet, but it's a start. In the future we plan to expand our website to promote everything what Be-Delphi stands for: Organizing events, consultancy, component- en tool reseller and custom development.
So come back for a regularly visit and stay informed of what Be-Delphi can offer you.