Be-Delphi Event 4.0
November 20th 2014 

Multi-Tier Development






Keynote & Enterprise Mobility Services

Delphi the way we know it & Delphi the way we don't know (yet)... 
The past & the future, the newest release XE7 and many more...
Not to forget: Enterprise Mobility Services
Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is a new turnkey solution for today’s interconnected, distributed apps, offering an easy to deploy middleware server that hosts loadable custom API and data access modules.



Short break


Reporting in a multi-tier environment

Using FastReports to build reports in a multi-tier environment
- Web reporting - how to make own reporting server and service
- dialogs in web-reports
- reporting in mobile applications
- live demonstration of multi-threading

Exploring kbmMW

Build your multi-tier application with kbmMW

  • Introduction of kbmMW
  • Tips & Trics
  • Real life example




Getting the best of TMS Aurelius and TMS XData

TMS Aurelius & TMS XData
-          How to use the peristence layer
-          How to distribute objects through REST
-          Using secure (https) connections
-          How to create pure Object-Oriented Server-side logic
-          And more…



Coffee break


REST Applications for public REST API's

In this session, Stefaan Lesage will show you how to build REST clients for public REST API's.

mORMot - the open source ORM

Build your own multi-tier application with mORMot, the open source ORM for Delphi

  • Introduction of mORMot
  • Tips & Trics
  • interactive AJAX example on the fly
  • and lots more...



Coffee break

Coffee Break


Architecting and Deploying DataSnap Solutions into the Amazon Web Services Cloud

In this demo-oriented session Paweł is going to demonstrate best practices in architecting and deploying DataSnap solutions into the Amazon Web Services Cloud.
This is a great opportunity to see practical examples of deploying DataSnap servers into an AWS EC2 virtual machine running in the cloud, using elastic IPs, DNS service and auto-scaling groups for load balancing and fault tolerance.