Be-Delphi Event 4.0
November 20th 2014 

Multi-Tier Development



Stefaan Lesage

Stefaan is an active Delphi developer since the early nineties. He spent a huge chunk of his career as a Senior Delphi developer, Technical Project Leader and Consultant / Trainer for quite a few different customers on varying projects. He has been working with quite a few different Delphi versions . going back as early as Delphi 3.

A few years ago, he founded Devia, a company specialized in Software Development (mainly in Delphi of course) and New Media Technologies.
Recently he also combined his passion for Podcasting and Video Editing and started creating some Mac video tutorials in Dutch and English, and in the last few months he also created a few Delphi XE2 Video Tutorials.

Pawel Glowacki

Paweł Głowacki is Embarcadero's EMEA Tech Lead for Delphi and RAD Studio. Previously, Paweł spent over 7 years working as a senior consultant and trainer for Delphi within Borland Education Services and CodeGear. As well as working with Embarcadero customers across the region, he also represents Embarcadero internationally as a conference and seminar speaker. For more information check out Paweł's technical blog at

Marco Cantu

Marco Cantù is the Delphi Product Manager for Embarcadero and author of over a dozen books on Delphi, from the first versions up to the latest one with his Delphi Handbooks Collection. Previously, Marco was a consultant and trainer and has given classes on Delphi for many years around the world. His focus include Delphi Enterprise capabilities, DataSnap and REST, Web development and jQuery, cloud-based technologies, and mobile development with the Delphi FireMonkey framework. Marco lives in Italy and commutes to California.


Wagner Landgraf

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at UTFPR university and has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Information Technology, works with Delphi since its first version in 1995. After years running a software company focused on Metrology, Quality and Firmware development, joined TMS in 2001, being since then the creator/manager of products like TMS Aurelius, TMS Data Modeler, TMS Diagram, TMS Workflow and TMS Scripter.

Denis Zubov

Denis Zubov started working for Fast Reports in 2003 and is now lead developer of Fast Report VCL direction.

Benno Evers

Evers Custom Technology

Arnaud Bouchez

Using Object Pascal since the beginning, and even before it was object-oriented.

Writer of some Delphi Open Source libraries like SynPDF or the Synopse mORMot Framework (Client-Server ORM/SOA libraries for full DDD solutions).