Jason Vokes

Jason Vokes is Senior Director of Technologies and Marketing International at Embarcadero Technologies. Before taking his current role Jason led the CodeGear (Borland Developer Tools) business as Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for it’s key EMEA region. Jason works closely with Embarcadero partners and customers internationally and frequently speaks at technical and business conferences and seminars.

Jason is also an award winning developer with 25 years of commercial software development experience in C/C++, Delphi and Java. Jason is the author of ‘C++Builder for Dummies’ and has written numerous technical white papers and articles on software development and associated IT topics. Jason joined Embarcadero by acquisition in July 2008 and previously Borland (CodeGear) in 1998, initially as UK Product Marketing Manager before moving over to a Senior Technology Consultant role, he then became European Product Manager for RAD Products in 2000, before taking on more overall responsibility as European Channel and IDE Director.
Bob Swart

Bob Swart has been working in the IT since 1983 and has a passion for (Turbo) Pascal and Delphi. Bob regularly speaks at (international) conferences about Delphi and has written hundreds of articles, as well as his own Delphi training material for Delphi courses and workshops. Besides providing training, Bob is also available for consulting, coaching, design and building services, or other support in the area of software development with Delphi – for both Win32/Win64. NET and soon Mac OS X and IOS. He is, since 2007, officially Advantage, RemObjects, TMS Software, and Embarcadero Reseller for the Benelux, the UK and the rest of Europe where they also use the Euro.

Bob Swart Training & Consultancy is based in a gate house in Helmond Brandevoort, Netherlands, and has its own training room of 42 square meters, including a test lab for all possible applications.
Brian Long

Brian Long has spent the last 1.5 decades as a trainer and trouble-shooter focusing on the Delphi, and C# languages, and the Win32, .NET and Mono platforms, and iOS and Android mobile platforms. In his spare time, when not exploring the Chiltern Hills on his mountain-bike or pounding the pavement in his running shoes, Brian has been re-discovering the idiosyncrasies of Unix-based operating systems. Besides writing a Pascal problem-solving book in the mid-90s he has contributed chapters to several books, written countless magazine articles and spoken at many international developer conferences. Brian has a number of online articles at http://blong.com.
Thierry Laborde

Thierry Laborde worked on Delphi since version one (And previously on Pascal and Turbo Pascal). Today he works as evangelist for the Embarcadero development tools at Arrowecs, which is the Embarcadero Partner for France. In his work he organized a lot of events around Delphi in France, and present many sessions during these events. He is also in charge of a blog: http://embarcadero.arrowecs.fr/blog where he publish informations around Delphi and others Embarcadero development tools.
Filip Lagrou

Filip started his ‘real’ IT career just before the millenium bug in ’99 as a Delphi programmer. Founded C-Quel Software Solutions in 2001 and focuses on (custom) database development. Filip is a certified SQL Server developer, so his preferred back-end database is MS SQL Server. Besides custom development, he works as a Delphi consultant and SQL Server DBA.

While celebrating the 10th anniversary of C-Quel, Filip became co-founder of Be-Delphi, because he believes that Delphi is not a profession but a passion.
Besides Delphi, Filip has two more passions: white wine and red wine.
Bruno Fierens
TMS Software

Studied civil electronic engineering at university of Ghent and started a career as R&D digital hardware engineer at Barco Graphics Belgium. Founded TMS software in 1996, developing VCL components starting with Delphi 1. TMS software became Borland Technology Partner in 1998 and developed Delphi Informant award-winning grid & scheduling components. Started in 2001 IntraWeb component development and in 2003 ASP.NET components. Currently doing and managing VCL, Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET and IntraWeb component development projects as well as consulting & custom project development.

Special area of interest are user interfaces & hardware.
Stefaan Lesage

Stefaan is an active Delphi developer since the early nineties. He spent a huge chunk of his career as a Senior Delphi developer, Technical Project Leader and Consultant / Trainer for quite a few different customers on varying projects. He has been working with quite a few different Delphi versions . going back as early as Delphi 3.

A few years ago, he founded Devia, a company specialized in Software Development (mainly in Delphi of course) and New Media Technologies.
Recently he also combined his passion for Podcasting and Video Editing and started creating some Mac video tutorials in Dutch and English, and in the last few months he also created a few Delphi XE2 Video Tutorials.


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